I am a composer, singer and instrumentalist playing and writing folk music. I also play in the acoustic folk trio Trebuchet along with fellow musicians Mark Seyler and Steve Mansfield.

I began to play at the age of fifteen, Oh nooo! that was 43 years ago now!!! When I bought my first instument, a five string banjo, it was so very loud I often found myself playing along with others from a seperate room and I could never work out what to do with that sting halfway up the neck either. So replaced it with a laquered hummingbird drednaught acoustic steel string guitar,yes, you know the one and after that was allowed to be in the same room as the rest of the band.

I moved to electric in the good old "Folk Rock" period, playing bass as well for Barnet Fair electric Cedhli band. During this period I also studied early musicical instrument history and making at the London College of Furniture.

I worked in a variety of music shops in the eighties and nineties, which not only fuelled my instrument collection, but opened my horizons to gendre as diverse as Funk, Soul, Progressive Rock, Jazz, Acid Jazz, Blues and of course, always present, Folk. My love of the 'exotic' chord almost certainly began there I think.


Amoung others these days in my instrument line up, I currently play a Martin OMC15e guitar, a wonderfull deep tibre all mahogany instrument and a great songwriting friend.

My Model OMC15e which I tune to DADGBE

A Moon Bouzouki, produced by the fine Scotish luthier Jimmy Moon which I tune GDAD.

A custom Kitty Jay tenor guitar by luthier Stuart Ketchin which I tune CGCF.