Historian and Tour Guide

History has always fasinated me, the fact that we can gain an understanding of our forebares by discovering how they lived, worked, played and of course died fills me with wonder whenever I discover some new detail.

My first interest in history started as a teenager, when I becameinterested in the neolithic period. This was a period of my life where I seem to visit every stone circle, standing stone or burial mound in this country.

From there I went on to study early musical instrument manufacture and history at the London College of Furniture (Now the London Metropolitan University).

My focus and passion now is in the Industrial Revolution and the Georgian period. My day job is being historic tour guide for a popular North West cotton mill and museum. From information rich and entertaning tours to charater acted delivery, I enjoy bringing the past to life.

My passion as a historian for this period of history grows constantly and my role also allows me the flexibility to undertake research, write papers on key subject areas and have good academic ties to Manchester University, John Ryland's Library and Manchester Central Library.